House and bathing rules

I. General

  1. The house and bathing rules serve to ensure safety, order and cleanliness in the entire area of the baths, including the entrance area and the outdoor facilities.
  2. The house and bathing rules are binding for all bathers. With the purchase of an admission ticket, every bathing guest accepts the house and bathing rules as well as all other instructions for safe and orderly operation.
  3. The facilities of the bath are to be treated with care. In the event of misuse or damage, the bathers are liable for the damage. In the event of culpably caused soiling, a special cleaning charge may be levied, the amount of which is calculated individually according to the expenditure incurred for the removal of the damage.
  4. Bathers must refrain from doing anything that is contrary to good manners and the maintenance of safety, peace and order.
  5. Smoking is only permitted outside the changing rooms, sanitary facilities and bathing areas. The sunbathing lawns must be kept free of cigarette butts.
  6. Containers made of glass or porcelain are not permitted in the outdoor pool – with the exception of the kiosk area.
  7. The operating staff exercise domiciliary rights over all visitors. Visitors who violate the house and bathing rules may be excluded from the pool. In such cases, the entrance fee will not be refunded.
  8. Lost property must be handed in to the staff. These objects will be disposed of in accordance with the legal provisions.
  9. Bathers are not permitted to use musical instruments, sound reproduction equipment or television sets if this causes a nuisance to other bathers.
  10. Photographing and filming other people and groups without their express consent is not permitted. For commercial purposes and for the press, photography and filming require the prior permission of the management.

II. Opening hours and access

  1. The opening hours and the closing time will be announced publicly. The opening hours may be extended or shortened due to weather conditions. Claims against the operator cannot be derived from this. Admission closes 60 minutes before the end of operation. The bathing zone must be vacated 20 minutes before the end of operation.
  2. The management may restrict the use of the pool or parts thereof, e.g. due to school or club swimming, courses or events, without this giving rise to a claim for reimbursement or reduction of the admission fee.
  3. Admission is not permitted for:
    a) Persons who are under the influence of intoxicating substances,
    b) Persons who have animals with them,
    c) Persons suffering from a notifiable communicable disease (in case of doubt, a medical certificate may be required) or open wounds,
    d) persons who wish to use the baths for commercial or other purposes not customary in bathing, unless the management has approved such use.
  4. Persons who cannot move around safely without assistance are only permitted to use the baths together with a suitable escort.
  5. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a suitable person.
  6. Every bathing guest must be in possession of a valid admission ticket for the corresponding service. The respective valid fee regulation is part of these house and bathing rules.
  7. Cancelled admission passes will not be taken back, and fees or charges will not be refunded. No replacement will be provided for lost 10-ticket passes. Season tickets are excluded from this. If proof of loss is provided, these will be replaced against payment of the processing costs. When leaving the pool, the admission fee paid loses its validity. Season tickets must be presented without being asked.
  8. The admission of school classes and clubs, as well as sporting events, shall be specially regulated by the management. For the use of the open-air swimming pool by closed departments and also by school classes, a responsible, suitable supervisor with knowledge of first aid as well as self-rescue and external rescue must be appointed. This person is obliged to ensure compliance with the provisions of these house and bathing rules and any other instructions issued by the management and its employees; he/she is also responsible for the safety of the group. The rights and duties of the supervisory staff remain unaffected.

III. Liability

  1. The operator is generally not liable for damages to bathers. This does not apply to liability due to a breach of an essential contractual obligation and to liability due to damage to the bather resulting from injury to life, limb or health, nor to damage suffered by the bather due to an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the operator, its legal representatives or vicarious agents. Material contractual obligations are those whose fulfilment makes the proper performance of the contract possible in the first place and on whose compliance the bather may regularly rely. The operator’s essential contractual obligations include in particular, but are not limited to, the use of the bathing facilities, unless these are partially closed for compelling operational reasons, and participation in the events offered and included in the admission fee. The limitation of liability according to sentence 2 also applies to the vehicles parked in the parking spaces of the bath.
  2. Bathers are expressly advised not to take any valuables into the bath. The operator does not assume any guarding or duty of care for valuables that are nevertheless brought into the pool. The operator is only liable for the loss of valuables, cash and clothing in accordance with the statutory regulations. This also applies in the event of damage to the items by third parties. The depositing of money or valuables in a cloakroom locker provided by the operator does not constitute any obligations on the part of the operator with regard to the deposited items. In particular, no safekeeping obligations are established. It is the sole responsibility of the bathers, when using a cloakroom locker and/or a valuables locker, to lock them properly, to check that the respective device is securely locked and to keep the keys/data carriers carefully.

IV. Use of the bath

  1. The bathing time lasts at most until the end of bathing on the day on which the bath was entered.
  2. The bathers are responsible for locking the cloakroom locker and keeping the key themselves. For lost keys for valuables lockers, € 25 must be paid before the valuables are handed over. In such cases, proof of ownership must be provided before the clothes are handed over. This amount will be returned to the loser if the key is found.
  3. a. Cloakroom lockers that are still locked after closing time will be opened by the pool staff. The contents will then be treated as lost property. b. Cloakroom lockers that are not cleared at the end of the bathing season will be opened by the bathing staff and the valuables handed in to the city’s lost property office.
  4. Body cleaning must be carried out before using the pools.
  5. Barefoot areas may not be entered with street shoes.
  6. The wet areas of the pools may only be used in normal bathing attire.
  7. The water attractions on offer require circumspection and consideration for other bathers.
  8. The use of the diving area is only permitted after approval by the supervisory staff. Jumping is at your own risk. When jumping, it is essential to ensure that
    a. the diving area is clear,
    b. only one person enters the diving board,
    c. no one jumps sideways.
    It is forbidden to swim under the diving area (when the diving area is free).
  9. The slides may only be used in accordance with the posted signs. The safety distance must be observed. The diving area must be left immediately.
  10. Jumping in from the side, pushing or throwing other persons into the pool is prohibited.
  11. The use of sports and play equipment (e.g. flippers, automatic diving devices, snorkelling devices) and swimming aids is only permitted with the consent of the supervisory staff. The use of eye protection goggles (swimming goggles) is at your own risk.
  12. Ball games may only be played in the designated areas.
  13. Reserving chairs and loungers is not permitted.
  14. Food and drinks may only be brought in for personal consumption and may only be consumed in the designated areas.
  15. All facilities, installations and equipment are to be treated with care. Paper, litter and other items are to be placed in the litter bins provided.
  16. The carrying of knives (switchblades), brass knuckles, truncheons or similar (weapons) is prohibited on the entire outdoor swimming pool premises.
  17. Furthermore
    – contaminating the pool water,
    ⁃ spitting on the floor or in the pool water,

    ⁃ washing any clothing in the pool water,
    – wearing bathing shoes, using soaps, brushes, or similar items in the pool or wading pool,
    ⁃ climbing trees, fences and balustrades,

    ⁃ the distribution of advertising material or the hanging of posters without prior permission from the management,

    ⁃ the use of leather balls and similar hard balls in the swimming and wading pools,

    ⁃ the taking and/or distribution of underwater photographs and/or video recordings,

    ⁃ the consumption of food or drink in swimming or wading pools
    are not permitted.
  18. Non-swimmers may only use the pool designated for them.

V. Rental of games and sports equipment

Playing and sports equipment shall be issued against payment of the stipulated price and against deposit of the prescribed deposit. The items provided are to be treated with care. Any misuse or loss of the equipment will result in compensation for damages. Before leaving the pool, the items provided must be returned to the issuing office.

VI. Exceptions

The house and bathing rules apply to general bathing operations. Exceptions to these house and bathing rules may be permitted for special events as well as school and club swimming without the house and bathing rules having to be specifically suspended. Wishes, suggestions and complaints are accepted by the supervisory staff, the ticket office staff or the management.

VII. Entry into force

These house and bathing rules come into force when they are posted.

Sigmaringen, 07.06.2021

Markus Seeger

CEO Stadtwerke Sigmaringen GmbH